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Hard Ferrite Magnetic Assemblies - Holding Magnets

Different Hard ferrite Holding Magnets (magnetic assemblies), such as Square, Disc and Ring Holding Magnets, are specified for many applications to all industries and enigneering.

These magnets are made by setting anisotropic ceramic magnet in mild steel housing, and are avaiable in many different forms and shapes, which are finished in white, black, gray, Nickel or Zinc coating. Magnetic assemblies are up to 32 times stronger than magnets by themselves. Here are some Magnet Arrangement and Magnetic Circuits in different applications.

We offer also custom magnetic assemblies for your special applications.

Hard Ferrite Assemblies
CY-F/R Series
Ferrite Plastics Injected Zinc Plated
CY-RB Series
Hard ferrite, Chrome and Zinc Plated
CY-TK Series
Ferrite, With Hook, Plastics Injected, White Painted
CY-T/TM Series
Hard Ferrite, Plastics Injected, Zinc Plated
CY-TD Series
Ferrite, No Hook, Plastics Injected, Zinc Plated
CY-65C Series
Hard Ferrite, Zinc Plasted

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